Street Rock Stars Volume II

by The Spinoffs

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released January 5, 2006

Justin Banal: vocals, guitar
Scott Superficial: bass, backing vocals
Matt Dander: drums, tambourine

Krista Loewen played the keyboard solo on Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems.

Recorded December of 2005 by Jesse Gander at the Hive. Mastered the night we finished mixing it by Stu McKillop at the Hive. Cover photo by Jason Fisher. Layout by Evan Wansbrough.



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The Spinoffs Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Rendez-vous with Jaynus
Woo woo!
Track Name: Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems
Someone oughta paint you. I would but I don't have a faint clue. Change chords like my guitar could carve this. Stoned mind, stone hands, all my words miss. I can't one night stand you. Never really planned to. Credit that I have to hand you: You're my muse and you brighten my heart. This medium is a fucked up art. I can't express this, but you're on the guest list. Someone oughta paint you. I can't. I don't want to taint you. Downpick like my hands could carve you. Try hard, fall short, no it won't do. I can't one night stand you. Never ever planned to. Mad props that I gotta hand you: You're my joy and you brighten my days. I'm scraping you onto walls of caves. I think you're the bestest, but I can't express this.
Track Name: A.D.D.
Well I can't sleep 'cause I think about you and I'm not a creep 'cause I love you true and I count sheep like I'm counting on you. You'll do what you do. I'll continue to pursue. I really hate to mention it: Your attention deficit messes up my heart until it looks like your apartment. Will you one day try to let me in? Take a little Dexedrine. Focus on you and me. I remember everything. Hung up on the joy you bring. You're so free and easily distracted. Where your keys will be is not for me and you to know. One day soon I'll find them though. My true love you'll be.
Track Name: A Written Proposition
Come be where I am. I'm longing to see you. I'll show you my heart like my ribcage is see through. I won't want you to go, but know that you're free to. We're still kinda young girl, and life is exciting. Your eyes are refreshing. Your face is inviting, and I mean what I say. I put it in writing.
Track Name: 99 Bitches
I'm a first rate stud but I'm havin' some issues. One mention of you had me reachin' for tissues. I got girls lined up like as if I were Jay-Z. It's still not enough girl. You drivin' me crazy. I got hos left and right, but you're hot like Beyonce. I can't sleep at night. Your face is what haunts me. My old man says "I feel bad for you son. You got 99 girls. At least you should lay one." I got 99 bitches, but you're the problem.
Track Name: Crossword Girl
Sometimes you see everything in black & white. I know what's right, but I can't make the words fit. I've got to learn to think outside the boxes. I'm down. You're cross. I'm at a loss. I'm good with words, but I can't keep up with your mind. Pass the word search, 'cause I'm at a loss for them. The bridge quiz is starting to make a lot more sense than you. My thoughts are like the jumble, Crossword Girl. Oh what to do? I'm hooked on you. I have no clues but I write lots of letters. I've got a seven letter word for how you look tonight (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G), and a four letter word for what I feel (L-O-V-E). If I can get across just what this is, would you be down? Either way I'm puzzled, held off like I've been muzzled. I love you, Crossword Girl, but I can't always do you.
Track Name: Takeout Boy
Can't dress me up. Can't take me out. Can't take me out. I'm just good for takeout. Hiding out when your folks come round. Dress myself but I let you down. Tight ass tapered faded jeans ain't right. I can't take you for a dinner. Look at me dressed like a sinner. Smelly noisy leather coat bad sight. I look swell but you look sweller. Wardrobe done by Hellen Keller. We'll be taking all our meals to go. I wrote 8 love songs for you. I showed how I love you true. And you love me best when I ain't wear'n no clothes.
Track Name: Dynamite Girl
Who's the one I love so dearly? It's rare for me to see this clearly. Mountains move when hearts ignite, yeah. One word says it all, yeah, dynamite. I'm not a guy who plays with fuses, 'cause I'm the one who always loses. This one I'm not scared to light yeah. Who could be the one? Dina might. Who loves me so explosive? Dina might. Break down the walls like rows of dynamite. Don't burn the bridge like sticks of dynamite. I have to get my fix of dynamite.